Rainforest Partners provides investors the opportunity to make high quality investments in livestock in Brazil. 

Rainforest Partners connect investors with farmers that require funding by using cattle as a form of investment. Options include the purchase of grass fed beef cattle; a pregnant cow, a calf or the shared purchase of a calf.

History of the Brahman Breed in Brazil 

The Brahman breed originated from the Bos indicus cattle, originally brought to Brazil from India. Through centuries of exposure to inadequate food supplies, insect pests, parasites, diseases and the climatic extremes of tropical India, the Bos Indicus native cattle had developed some remarkable adaptations for survival.

These are the “sacred animals of India”, and many of the Hindu faith will not eat meat from them, will not allow them to be slaughtered and will not sell them.

These facts, in conjunction with the United States’ quarantine regulations, made it difficult to import cattle from India into USA.

Brazilian breeders sent some Brahman cattle from rom Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro breeders) left Brazil for Mexico in 1924 and, due to the difficulties that Mexico was going through, most of the cattle ended up going to the United States.

The Brazilian Brahman is a large, muscular, solid animal, although they were originally a cross of Indian blood, it is easy to spot evidences of Guzerah, Gir and Nelore.